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Group Companies

PCM Tea Processing (P) LTD.

PCM TEA PROCESSING (P) LTD is one of the largest integrated tea companies in the North East. It was incorporated in the year 1999. This Company is engaged in the processing of Green leaf into final products of black tea and has the production capacity of producing 3.5 millions Kg of Tea Per Annum. It follows CTC method to manufacture tea. The tea factory is located in Sahudangi, a place near Siliguri. It has the best climatic condition for manufacturing. It is equipped with modern machineries with leads in fast and quality production of tea. PCM TEA is a Bought Tea Factory in which the raw materials (tea leaves) are bought from nearby tea gardens.

It manufactures different grade of CTC Black tea like –

  • BOP
  • BOPS
  • B.P
  • OF
  • PD &
  • DUST

P.O Sahudangi,
District - Jalpaiguri,
West Bengal,