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Group Companies

PCM Cement Concrete Pvt. Ltd.

PCM Cement Concrete Pvt. Ltd. was established in the year 1991. This company has four divisions namely Sleeper Division, Flash Butt Welding Division, Infrastructure & Real Estate Division and Media Division. The Sleeper division is engaged in manufacturing and supplying of Pre-Stressed mono block concrete Sleepers to Indian Railway. It has the capacity of manufacturing all types of Sleepers, which are also supplied to the Bangladesh Railways. The Production capacity of the factory for broad and Dual gauge concrete sleepers per year is 0.5 million. Apart form Broad and Dual gauge sleepers the firm also manufactures Turnout, Bridge Approach, Level crossing, Switch Expansion joint Sleepers and PSC bridge slab. The Company is well experienced in manufacturing of Turnout Sleepers with the production capacity to manufacture 500 sets per year. Recently PCM Cement Concrete Pvt. Ltd. acquired RAIL.ONE GmbH, a 118 years old German company the pioneer international conglomerate of concrete railroad sleepers and systems provider for railway track, high-speed lines, urban transit and heavy-duty railroads. It has facilities and state of the art plants spread over seven countries namely Germany, Romania, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Spain, South Korea, Turkey, and Hungary.


The Flash Butt Welding Division undertakes welding of rails using state of the art mobile flash butt welding as per the stringent International norms. The company was pioneer in introducing technology of welding on running track line in India. With five self owned mobile flash butt welding plant the Company specialized in welding on running track as well as in fixed depo. The Company have already executed welding of rail panel of all sizes up to 10 panel length, including loading and unloading of 10-panel rail at different locations with three tier/ four tier arrangements with our own mechanized system.


Media division operates two FM Radio Stations Radio Misty 94.3 FM at Siliguri in West Bengal and Radio Misty Sikkim 95 FM in Gangtok in Sikkim. These FM stations are Number one FM station in this region.


The Company has been awarded a license for setting up a small Hydro Electricity Project of 7.5 MW over Chel River, 2 MW over Barbati Khola and the license has been handed over to PCM Hydel Power Corporation Limited, a subsidiary of PCM Cement Concrete Pvt. Ltd. Presently the Hydro Electricity Project is under construction.

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