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Group Companies

PCM STRESCON International (P) Ltd.

The company was incorporated as a Joint Venture between PCM Group, Strescon Group and Canarail Consultant Inc to promote and introduce Flash Butt Welding of Rails in NF Railway. The Company presently only has PCM Group and Strescon Group as the JV Partners to undertake welding of rails using state of the art mobile flash butt welding as per the stringent International norms. The company was pioneer in introducing technology of welding on running track line in India. With One self owned mobile flash butt welding plant we specialize in welding on running track as well as in fixed depo. We have already executed welding of rail panel of all sizes upto 10 panel length, including loading and unloading of 10-panel rail at different locations with three tier/ four tier arrangements with our own mechanized system.

  • Indian Railways.